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In the darkness, her profile is not difficult to imagine a naked woman, endures in a reverie.
I met her in the bus “Simferopol-Yalta”.

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We were on the neighboring areas, and, little by little, talking. I needed to get to Simeiz, where the rest, my wife, and Evgenia went to her husband in the boarding house, located somewhere Simeizom.

– What a coincidence – I was surprised – We go almost all the way along.
But it was not so simple: as we drove, it was evening, after dark, the last bus left at Simeiz, cheerful crowd of tourists flock to the waterfront, but we Evgenia Pavlovna was not fun.

I could still try to take a taxi, but my fellow traveler that prospect has led to a complete horror.
– Where am I going to look for a boarding house there, a night! Zozo chat.

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