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Sex chat xnxx. I struggled as best she could, and he beat and beat me with a belt.

Finally I stopped twitching and moaning when the belt down on my already red ass. He let go of me and gently wiped the tears on my face.

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– I told you honey, you gotta listen to me. Do what I tell you, and penalties will be no more.

I could only nod in response.

My ass was burning and I felt that he broke my resistance, but this humiliating feeling mingled with some animal excitement. I felt his hot body and simultaneously icy gaze and flared inside of hitherto unknown sense of subordination.

He sank into a chair, playing with a belt buckle. Shamil and Farukh stood by, ready to shoot everything.

– Knelt dear, I’ll fuck you first, and then he did. – The captain said, rising from his chair and nodding at the dog. Sex chat xnxx.

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