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And in the photo studio decided to go somehow, a photographer to take a look ….

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Prince sitting at the table, which was covered with a breakfast, sat back, fiddled with a napkin and said in his usual, slightly cracked voice:
– Princess, today you poziruete painter.
The princess, who was sitting at the other end of the table, looked at him puzzled look huge black eyes.

They glistened wet, look as if pierced on who strove.
– Yes – seeing her surprise, the prince nodded – I invited him to write your portrait.

You – my wife, and, consequently, a member of our family. In the family gallery should be your portrait.

– As you wish – quietly answered the princess, lowering his eyes.
She was very young, about sixteen.

A month ago, her, a girl from a noble but impoverished family, was married to Prince Andrew Buturlina. Seks chat turkiye.

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