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– What will happen?

I can not, and you send out this nest of debauchery. And tomorrow.

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– Tomorrow? And what … So you stay with Olga and Xenia? ..
– So with them! .. Their mamuli not afraid of my intimacy with them.

So that no one and nothing we will not interfere …
– And what about me?

Stay in Moscow one odinoshenka?
– Why one? With Nadia.

After all, it’s your mother, too, suspected of indecent intentions? Admit it on, little devil, what to you bad thoughts come to mind when reading.

What was with Vera, I guess. But what feelings overcame you?

Downcast eyes, Nadia silent.
– That’s it – I continue to torture her. – Read books sinful you allow yourself and retell them you have no courage!

– Why not? I have already shared their impressions with Vera.

– And with me you do not want to share? – I asked, hugging and kissing her.
– I can share – interrupts my questions moralizing Faith. – But only if you and kiss me!

– I’d love to! – I say, sticking his mouth on her and climbed up to her bosom. – Can I look at your bubbles? Online chat ngesex.

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