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3. In pursuit of hares

Run after two hares –
You will not catch.

And for three?
Come May. This year it was hot and dusty, with lots of mosquitoes, although it was in the beginning of the month.

Maxim was still living with Julia, and it looks like he moved here permanently.
Every day, he found it more and more features, and never ceased to admire her.

Yes, and all her thoughts were about him, too, she was used to it and had forgotten that she had a fiance in the United States, which she did not write for a long time. Her life went on as usual, she forgot about Alice and about her secret.

She thought that her quiet serene life will last a long time. I thought …

Once, walking with Maxim along the boulevard along the street on which they lived, she told him:
– You know, someone told me that the color of love red, bloody – the color of the struggle that love – it is a disease and the continuous struggle. Meet and chat fuck1on1.

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