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– But how to make sure that she did not know about it?

A date somewhere, and she was asked to sit here with the kids?

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– Request possible.

Usually she willingly perform such my requests. But now, in this state?

I’m not sure she agreed. Begin questioning …

Why should I? .. It would be better if she went to her friends … But how to convince her to such an idea?

– I … I understand you, Irina.

But if I could talk to her openly and also inspire her idea to go have fun with my friends, at which time you will be most convenient to take me?
– After dinner, perhaps, when the kids are asleep and do not require special attention.

Armed with such instructions, I go to the gazebo and really find there Zhenyu. Seeing me, she jumped off the bench and ran rushes towards me.

– Is that you? Indo chat sex.

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