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In the morning he removed most of the wires allowed to slowly rise. More nurse breakfast in the morning to feed him with a spoon, and left, wishing a speedy recovery.

Hardly Bear sat on the bed, slowly swung his feet to the floor. Slightly dizzy.

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Tried to get up, but his legs badly obeyed, and he again sat back. Drunk tea made itself felt, and Bear in whatever was decided to get to the toilet.

At this time, the ward nurse came in, carrying a tray with the bells and whistles for injection. Bear as he could quickly climbed back into bed.

She walked over and smiled. “Look, he came to himself! Shy!

A week here lay bare anything? – Her eyes sparkled mischievously, Come on, turn around, I will put a shot,” and she won the trade union movement in medicine syringe, soak cotton wool alcohol and expectantly looked at Mishka. Hindi sex chat.

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