I open it and see that it’s sonnets Pietro Aretino, illustrated Agustino Karrachi.

My amazement there is no limit:

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– How is it that this little book was yours?
– Xenia gave me to see her when secluded here with you …

And then, perhaps, have forgotten in a hurry …
– And you held it in your hands and leafing through?

She is silent.
– And, moreover, gave into the hands of his girlfriend?

– They stumbled on it here this morning, after came here from you … and ran away with it … That’s why I could not give it to you when you come for her.

– Well … You, sure, it is clear how this extraordinary book is rare and valuable.

Now I can return it to whomever it belongs. And so, in gratitude, can I kiss you?

– Please – she says and puts his hands on my shoulders. Gratisgaywebcam.


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