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– Not quite so cute.

But I understand your point: would you like me to be your Toinette … There are almost all laid bare, lifted the hem, as Neznamov, legs spread, hand walking, where the hell …

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But in the novel, it was different.
– What? Tell.

– Tell me yes show! .. I do not want much do?
– And why not?

– Well, today I have a good time we have, and try to be your teacher, which for business success resorting to the experience of others. Listen.

This is your most Toinette, of course, was shocked to find her daughter deflower. As the saying goes, inflagrante, in the midst of a crime.

– What does it consist of? What did she see?

– As far as I remember, they were completely naked in each other’s arms on the floor next to a broken bed. Suzon squeaked and trembling, helping the efforts of his cousin by persistent shocks to expand has clearly paved trail. Fuqking chat bangla.

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