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And where we will get the vodka?
– I will find. You wait here?

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– Yes I Am. But if you want – I will go with you.
– No.

Is not necessary. I myself. I quickly …
– Fair Enough.

I get up and go to the door of the car. Before opening it, I turn to Sergei.

He stands against the wall and looked out the window. In that same black void where before that I watched.

I have a feeling of “deja vu” … As if Sergey now – it was me …

So strange it all …
But as soon as I stepped out of the airlock heavy dusk on a warm and bright corridor car – this feeling immediately disappeared.

Money in my pocket was not so much. But on the bottle should be enough.

And where to get the vodka into the night train – we all know.
I went to the coupe conductors, gently knocked the door and yanked. Chaturbate türkiye.

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