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Ira lay on the bed, arms and legs in the shape of a star.

Seeing me, she frowned and covered with a blanket.

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– Fool, what he has not seen? – Alain said laughing.

– What are you doing here?
– I decided to participate.

– These Are …
– Come on, let the boy remains, – said Alain. – Let see.

Alain picked Irku arms, crushed her and began kissing. I sat in a chair and watched.

Ira and they hugged Alain entwined in a passionate kiss. They caressed each other, moaning, whispering something, not paying attention to me.

I instantly excited and already five minutes sitting with vzdymlennymi shorts. Alain looked up from Irki and approached me.

– Undress – briefly she ordered. I stripped naked and dragged me to Alain beds per member.

Ira kissed Alain, she kissed her, they caressed each other, and I stood like a poor cousin. Bongacams us.

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