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A pity! I still remember her luxurious full hips …

Oh, sorry … “” How am I? “- Suddenly asked my mother smiling. “Y-yes … about …” I mumbled pristyzhёnno. It was necessary to correct the situation immediately.

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I poured a full glass of brandy and offered another toast. We drank again, drank another.

Mom blushed, I myself relaxed. Began to tell different stories funny, gradually going to the sexually explicit jokes.

Mom loudly and heartily laughed. To me it was so nice!

When I tried to tell them his wife, it is almost always frowned and said: “How disgusting … Is it you might like?”

In a joke for some reason (do not remember) we were talking about a short skirt, from under which could be seen seductively feminine hips higher stocking. “This is – this is so, what?” – My mother, laughing heartily, lifted her skirt, so I saw the edge of her stockings and a little of what was above. Xnxx live chat webcom.

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