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The young man feels like Hercules loosened his arms, but he does not want to let go of each other and even more presses it.
– Do not go away … – he whispers.

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Hercules limp and standing quietly in his arms – he also did not want to leave. But he’s older and wiser, and knows that this can not be forever.

And he knows that he was waiting feats, immortality and glory.
“The gods do not like it when people interfere with their plans.

What you stole, steal from you “- remember the words spoken by the old oracle.
His hands gently stroking the body Hylas.

He sighs.
– We have to go, darling … – he says.

Hylas weaker hands, and he releases the embrace of Hercules.
– Now find a suitable tree for a paddle, and will meet on a ship – Hercules says encouragingly. – And you do not stay long. Webcam pornos.

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