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– In general, all is well, just that it is not necessary to frequent meals. And today, she set about cleaning the house.

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Now she seems to have got to the room Ani.
– What ?! Not in my room! – Immediately exclaimed Anne, getting up from the table and rushing up the stairs.

A moment later there was a loud scream at the top, turning into a bestial roar. However, Elena quickly managed to extinguish the conflict, and a little later they both came down to us.

– Anya so energetic child – fun Elena said, kissing her forehead gut-wrenching from her arms Anya.
– Our maid almost turned everything in my room – with deliberate angrily said Anne – I barely had time to save their belongings from this faulty android.

After dinner, Elena arranged Tanya light massage, from which his wife felt a surge of strength, despite a very busy day. Video calling sex chat.

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