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Sex video chat. Crept to the bench on which the bliss trot, he leaned on the back of a pillow and looked him in the face.

Lynx breathing evenly and did not seem to notice the presence of someone beside him, the more that his eyes remained closed. But suddenly they opened and stared at Minka, catching him by surprise.

But Mink continued to stare into the face of rysyu:

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– I’m crazy about you, Zao, – he said at last. And, a little pause, bent over and whispered in his ear: – And even regret that I am not a girl.

Zao Minka grabbed by the neck, pulled his head to his face, nuzzled and licked his lips. Mink felt a wet tongue lynx, cool wet nose, silky fur cheeks and gently pulled away:
– Unfortunately, I’m not a girl.

And not “blue”.
Lynx continued to look into his eyes, holding his paws around the neck. Sex video chat.

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