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I’m sure he has not a single woman I did not have to. I arranged his educational program, saying that he did not climb on the computer in the folder where you store the “X-Files” and removing all decent video.

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– Yu-oo-oo-la! Well, now, tell me.
– Be sure, bye-bye.

After returning home, as quietly as possible JUlechka opened the door, took off her robe and tiptoed into the room with the computer. Gurgled!

As she expected, Maxim sat buried in the computer and reading a book on the technique of Smith’s love, which the author consulted prostitutes. (Interestingly enough, I advise you to read.)
– Gurgled! – Julia and thought went into the kitchen. While preparing dinner, she brought a folder with cut paper squares and the latest issue of “Origami”. Sex mobilechat.

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