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Sex hindi online chat. Misha turned toward her and was stunned …

It was his Dasha … beautiful, a little plumper, with sad eyes … but his native Dasha!
– Dasha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – he rushed to her.

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She shivered in fright and began to settle on the wall down. Bear rushed to her and picked her up kicked open the door, looked around the room and put her on a sofa.

– Dasha, my dear, darling !!! – He showered her face with kisses, then hugging her, then pulled away again, looking into her weeping eyes-not cry, my love, I’m with you! I’m with you!

Olga stood silently in the doorway and looked at them. At this time, from the next room there was a baby crying.

Dasha started and jumped off the couch, but having looked at the puzzled face Bears seemed hunched and lowered her eyes.
– Who’s that? – Bear already understood everything, but he had to know it all from her …

– Daughter – a barely audible whisper, Dasha, sitting back on the couch. Sex hindi online chat.

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