They only looked in my direction, ignoring the sergeant, and greedily devoured my eyes.

I could feel their eyes undress me, laid on the table and pushing my legs. One of them, probably, senior knocked a glass in his hand, winced and put it in his mouth something from the greenery.

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– Stand aside, Vanya. – He waved his hand to the sergeant. – Come on, turn around, babe, back. Show us in all its glory!

I turned.
– Now turn to us. As you call that? – He squinted.

– Lena – briefly I said.
Come to me, darling! – Said a sweet guy, rubbing his hands.

I walked slowly, afraid of slipping. – Even closer! – He commanded. I complied with his order.

He gave me his hand, and as I approached, pulled my yubchonku and quite hemmed by what he saw. I thought he was right there, and I do, but no, he stood up, walked around me, like around the Christmas tree and vulgar patted me on the ass.

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