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I am somewhat taken aback, but did not object. Helen perched on my lap, and I started reading it about Dunno.

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This went on for about five minutes. Then, fidgeting in my lap, Lena said: – You do not know how to read. – Do not know how? – I was surprised. – Yes, you read wrong.

When I was sitting on the lap of Uncle Kolya, he read me a story about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, little old man. So, all the time he kissed me and stroked, and I liked it’s scary … so funny uncle.

– But you’re still so small – I tried to argue.
– Nothing of the sort – Helen pouted. – When my Uncle Peter pinched, he said that I was big.

– Listen, – I said – and many men read you a story in such a strange way?
– No, – she said – a fairy tale read only old men and other men told me all sorts of nonsense and pinching. Livesexchat in.

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