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Then he remembered all the insults at her husband. When I was young, it was at home, the growth of a daughter and a son, and her husband went to Petechka Garage Yes the women.

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Yeah, how many had to endure.
We stopped near my house.

– Here we are, – said Eugene.
– Thank you, how much I owe you? – I asked.

– What are you, Aunt Tina! No money – he exclaimed.

– Call me Tina, please – I said suddenly. – No need of these “aunts”.
– Well …

Tina. But money is still with you I will not take – smiled and said Eugene.

– And come to me “you” – I said.
– Well, Tina, I will be to you “you” handle – seriously said Eugene.

– I still want to thank you, Jack.
“What I’m saying something that I am ?!” – raced through my head.

– I like my legs? – I lifted her dress even more, almost to the panties. – I see you standing all the way … Live sex chat skype.

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