Dirtychatroulette. And batters.

Arrive at a consensus and I, surrendering revenues remain left to itself. Change over.

It’s time to sleep …

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In the ass Group
– Lotta, get up!

It’s time for a visit – instead of an alarm clock in my dream voice breaks Vicki. Wash in a hurry, I cover gown and walk down the hall.

Here most of the girls with sleepy faces in robes. Vika sits on the sofa to Ines that are scattered kisses our cheeks and primaschivaet his head on the shoulder Vick.

Until the queue reaches, and you can take a nap.
– Next! – In the hall goes Milen, and it was immediately replaced by Chamonix.

Sit on. Someone asleep, someone polishes nails or prichёsyvaetsya, someone quietly talking.

Turn on the TV, goes some series. Curiously, the German TV series, but something like that I saw at home. Dirtychatroulette.


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