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I have long realized that physically resist – only trouble themselves create.
– Mahmoud, please let me go, I will not tell anyone.

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– Interesting – but if you tell me?
– I’ll do anything, just let go.

– You all do and so if I ask. Is not it? You’re a sensible girl?

– I complain.
– To fool !? And what did you tell !? What I’ll otebal !? Yes, you raise a laugh and a circle be allowed.

Do not you dare threaten me! – And hit me on the cheek hurts. I just burst into tears and buried his face in his hands.

Then he turned me to face the wall, spat into his palm and nails it between my buttocks. Slapped on the ass, squeezed it.

– You will soon understand everything myself – he said quite seriously.
– I’m not a girl – I groaned softly.

– Fool You – stood up, and I heard, as he began to undress – rang on his belt buckle. Chatulate.


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