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While I was thinking about how to answer bell rings. Mrs.

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Samarin rises, collects in his arms all my clothes and a sign inviting me to follow her to the nursery, and then carefully examined the bedroom, goes to open the door.
Judging by the voices coming up to me out of the room, returned Mr.

Samarin. He expressed surprise at the fact that his wife, he left already fully ready to leave, now walks around the house in dishabille, though, and is not going to go with him to visit.

– I’m going, my dear, I am going, – I hear her excuses. – But something suddenly began to doubt whether I should go in that suit, that took it to try on the dress …
– Because the front door and locked?

– That’s why! .. And well done; sign Ullman, said that the city with his wife and that after an hour or two she runs in to us to tell us how there Xenia … Chat with nurce sex.

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