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Zozo chatbot. Forward march into the room !!!!!!!

What asshole did not shut the door?! – Roared the boss.
– These are the three goats … – Max said.

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I took Lena’s hand and led her into the room. As soon as we went inside, the outside once the lock clicked.

Only half an hour ago, the room seemed to me the best in the world, and now it’s my dungeon. I sat in a chair and burst into tears.

I scared my behavior … I was scared … my thoughts and my views on what is happening …

I guess I have at the moment to be cleared by a fear that I was at all agree.
Strange, but recently this principle guided by Lenka and well … it has paid for …

We must act, my girlfriend right! We must escape!

What a fool I am … Why did not listen to her? Why chickened out?

Now, we are unlikely to even leave the room … Zozo chatbot.

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