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– And go.
– Well. Too bad.

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We sat still for a while, for which I did not say a word. Then we said goodbye, got in the car and drove me.

– Can you help me carry things?
– Of course, help.

For this we have come to me and.
I handed her a bag of cosmetics.

– I do not need. I still do not use it.
– I do not need even more.

I bought this for you.
I took her to the apartment.

We stopped at its entrance. She sat motionless.

I turned to her:
– I want to say thank you for the time we spent together.
And we parted.

Well, it was just a dream.

I woke up this morning, squeezed between his teeth morning cigarette and rushed to my computer to write. Somewhere embellished somewhere podrihtoval causal relationships, yet sleep was confusion.

For all its ephemerality, the invention of my subconscious seemed to me a carbon copy of my life, because this dream gave me 2 weeks virtual happy life, and in the end – the mountain of disappointment. Wab cam free chats.

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