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It appeared to be a hefty unshaven mercenary, stinking sweat and horse. Mercenaries sea flocked to the growing army of the empress when he heard that she is gaining more and more troops.

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– What looked mare? Alive in the carriage! – Barked on a frozen numb Eleanor driver, adding the words savory slap on the bare buttocks of women.

– Yes, I’m sorry – Eleanor muttered embarrassed.
“Anidael told him everything!

Oh gods why? ” – Flashed indignant thoughts in her head. “On the other hand she always knew what to do, especially with me and my body ” – replied the wounded pride of the dark side of the lustful girl who undoubtedly enjoyed such treatment.
The Empress Mirian always opened the door of the carriage footmen, giving a helping hand to the beautiful royal person, it was convenient to climb inside. Sexchat girls.

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