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He exhaled and silently walked out of the bathroom, and I had to wash again.

A minute later he came without the pants in his shirt, holding a leather belt. It was a golden collar with metal circles across the length and length of the leash.

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Throwing involuntary cautious view on the collar, I looked at Roman.
– Will you be my slave.

From you need only complete obedience and readiness to be punished if I have something not satisfied in your behavior. You have to stick your neck in this delicate necklace.

You understand everything, bitch? – He stared into my eyes.
– Yes, I understand everything, my lord. – Mouthed I whispered.

I knelt down and bent over to Roman. He is something snapped, and the collar to reveal to me, could only invest in it his neck. Prostitutes webcam chat.

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