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So could hardly tell where we are found themselves. Dogs had neither seen nor heard around – dark and quiet.

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– So what? go back? Home hunting. – Muttered my girlfriend and went to the back side.

– Are not you afraid of the dog? – I doubt the correctness of its actions.
– There’s no need to be afraid of anyone at all !!!

It’s all my !!! – said someone very close and nasty neigh. We shuddered and turned around.

– Hello. We’re a little lost, the dog ran away …

How do we get out to the highway? ..- Lenka did not lose his composure.
– Stay here ?! We’ve got company, fun …

Sit a little entertain uncles and go home … – answered bull. Lenka went with him a strange and in my opinion pointless dialogue and I began to look at it. Online sex hot chat.

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