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I went to the house and see the stands at the entrance of our car.

So … I wonder … In my head at once climbed the treacherous thoughts … .Znachit it, knowing that I zharyus in the sun, brought home a mistress and now quietly tumble in bed with her.

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And I did it all myself well presented …
My legs trembled, my heart pounding in my chest, adrenaline zashkalil.

Jealousy and a desire to see my husband fucking another woman fought among themselves. Curiosity got the better of all the same.

Interestingly, it does the same as me? Or another woman dictating its terms, and doing something wrong, like me.

Or maybe it is better and I have a lot to learn? God, I’m excited by thoughts alone.

I went to the apartment, carefully open the front door … Lez chat.

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