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“Bring another cup and a glass!”

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“No. I punished today, I should not drink with you.”
“If you are punished, then I’ll decide what you should and what is not,” – you said with a smile.

I was hesitated, but apparently decided that this is true, silently went into the kitchen and returned with another glass and a second cup of coffee service. Placing the dishes on the table, I lit a few candles scattered around the room and turned off the light.

Then I sat in a chair and sat down next to you on your knees. Wide bottom of the dress did not prevent this, but the sight was strange.

Exciting, fascinating and strange. I was on my knees, lowering his eyes and his whole appearance indicating that I’m waiting … punishment?

Suddenly, everything that happens to you it seemed somehow unreal, or children, or simply stupid, and you smiled for some time struggled with himself not to laugh. Lesbain webcam live.

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