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Jasmin live sxs. Oksana lives here? – Embarrassed smile, did not lose Edward. – “That’s what got involved.”
-Yura, Who’s there? – Svetlana appeared in the doorway, his eyes showing that Edward left.

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Jura, unblinking, staring at the late guest. Some vague excitement filled him.

-Another Time sorry. I guess I was wrong.

This is the twelfth house?
No, the twelfth series.

The houses are very similar, you make a mistake – standing behind the Jura nervously drove Svetlana eyes of Edward.
-Total Good – as something bad stranger smiled and pressed the elevator button.

Svetlana from-laid down by heart. – “You have to be careful. I hope that it is no longer useful.”
-What’s The matter? – Svetlana kissed her husband, noticing his confusion. – Random’re not jealous-eating?

No, – replied apologetically Jura and also kissed his wife. Jasmin live sxs.

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