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– But it is not I brought her here … How do you think it could come to be here?

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– I do not know.
– I’ve asked about it your mother …

– What did she say?
– What must it have been her passion eldest son.

– Sasha? You do not say!
– Why?

Reading is very enticing … you start – it’s hard to break away … Yeah, you try it for yourself!

With these words, I lower volume in her pocket. To my surprise, Lika does not mind just says, shaking his head:
– I never thought …

So small and already so spoiled …
– Are you about me, or about my namesake and your brother?

– What’s it take? It is no longer alive …

In front of it are the tears she tries usushit their turning away from me, and I, touching her shoulders, say, as if in consolation:
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