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I wanted to run away, but strong hands held me. threw me on the bed. When turned on the light, I saw that it was Andrew.

I felt ashamed, but he did not stop fucking me and, you know, I love sex, I could not resist and finished already knowing who fucks me. And then: He whispered to me that I was only his second woman, that the first had not happened and now he avoids them.

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But, having come to us for a pillow for you, and when he saw me sleeping, and so, as he said, “alluring”, he could not resist. He began to caress me, studying my body.

And then you yourself know what happened. It all turned out.

Did you know that only a drunk would never, but I wanted to prove to him that sex – it’s the best fun thing in the world, and I’m still “hoo!”
In short the whole night we had sex. Eroticheskoe chat.

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