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– What are you doing Dimon? – Although inwardly I knew that he wanted to tell me.

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– Slavik, you’re my best friend. – He began.

Sadly looking at the tablecloth on the table and his hands clasped – We’re here so together since high school. And in the school were together, and after it.

Even when I went into the army, and you’re in the Institute, we all ran away, and wrote to each other. Remember when you see me standing in often come with Natasha?

You’re like my brother.
– Yes, Dima, you’re like a brother to me, too.

But what happened?
– Glory, and you must say it.

Otherwise, I feel like a traitor. And this is the most rotten – to be a traitor.

Slavik. I was with your wife. This morning, when you went to Andrey.

I stared at him. And what could I say?
– Slavik.

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