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– Do you kiss me?

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– That’s obnoxious beggar!
She gently hugs and kisses me:
– Have! .. And now Sgin! .. As they say, out of sight, out of mind!

– Well, why do from the heart, Maria Alexandrovna? We did not agree! ..

And he took her by the shoulders, I try to press her to him. She gently but firmly evades my caresses:
– Do not moan, please.

Go until I changed my mind.
I go, delighted so successful outcome rapidly spent night and full of high hopes for the coming day.

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I especially enjoy going to bed is not necessary.

Woke Mom:
– Wake up, son, you’ll have to take me with Katya in Podolsk.
– And Aunt Tanya? – I ask, rubbing his eyes.

– She and her had already left. This I lingered a bit. Hurry Up!

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