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Come, I’ll show you where it will be your night.
– Let’s go …

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I hope it will not be far from your?
– Why it is so interests you?

– What if I something you need …
– What is it that you may need from me?

– Yes, I’m used to that mom or aunt or both come to me to kiss the night.
– What are you saying?

What tenderness!
– I hope that I’m sheltered at home, you do not deprive me of such tenderness?

– This is something new! Never had such a hearing.

– Do not have to? And from their children?

– But this is my children. By the way, that’s their bedroom, walk in and it is located in.

Good night.
We are standing at the open door of her.

I’m trying to grab her hand, but she pulls it and says:
– What are you stubborn, boy! But, alas, I really must visit his wife zanemogshego.

– And then?
– Let’s wait till tomorrow! Www chat sex arab.

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