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For Samira said Murtaz:
– Do not worry, boss – I’m in a suitcase … a hole drilled.

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Delivered in the best possible way. In the soft pack …

Victor ordered to get the suitcase out of the trunk and take the house. Two come with him to run errands at hand.

When they groan carried Woman on the stairs, the owner warned:
– Look no drop! Spoil gift, live in the garden to bury!

Bring to the guest room!
After going through a long corridor, the procession headed by Viktor entered the luxuriously furnished room, done in pink.

Suitcase carefully lowered to the floor.
– Good! – Admiringly said the landlord, when his men opened the suitcase.

He patted the girl’s cheeks bringing her to life.
Lena opened her eyes.

– Wake up, sleeping beauty! Are you at home.

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