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And at that moment I saw an ad in the newspaper: “The company takes orders from single men and women on 31 December congratulations from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Inquiries by phone ….”. I thought, why not book a Santa Claus New Year.

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Will be even with someone for a drink.
I dialed the phone and did not have time to sound two beeps as the handset lifted and a pleasant female voice replied:
– Company …. listening.

– I’m in about your ad.
– Would you like to order a Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden?

– Yes I Am.
– You meet one holiday?
– Yes I Am.

– How old are u?
– And why do you know?
– In order to better fulfill your order.

– Well, 30.
– Very good! Burn.

Your order is 178. Santa Claus will come to you at 22:00.

The cost of the order is …. $. The sum is large enough?
– It is.

– Because your order is on the Class VIP, while you stay indefinitely Santa Claus. Web camesex.

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