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Yes, I thought, in a stupid situation hit enemy does not want, well, let’s see what was on the girls decided to make a joke with me. I opened the door and stuck his head out.

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– Well, that content? – I said angrily, now you give me to get dressed?
– Oh, we’ve got a pretty boy, what are you so wound up, are not we entered into another locker room to pry.

– Yes, I do not look! – Since the hysteria I yelled.
– Shut up scum! – Suddenly cried the elder, – Who do you prove that the facts as stated on the face, and you will still complain, we’ll now make such advertising with photo and video reports, which shall never otmoeshsya.

I’m afraid looked around, there were four, two cell phones and kept shooting our conversation, I realized that it is better not to anger them, and tried to continue talking softly:
– Come on, enough joking and will give even wear pants, then I myself really like something.
– Give as hello – said the eldest, – you that courtesy is not taught as a child?

– Oh, please, I beg you, I mumbled quite taken aback, I was already beginning to shake the cold tile.
– Well girls, give this sucker suit briefs? Usa one sex chat.

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