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Rights proverb which says that “No one knows where to find, and that it will lose.” I remembered when parting words of wisdom my disgraced friend, once said: “All good things sooner or later ends.” And Polenko we suddenly met seventeen years. We ran into each other’s arms.

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– Where are you? – I slapped him on the shoulder.
– Transferred to the reserve.

I work as a sailor on a passenger boat. The bay run. And you?

– Smoked sky lead engineer at the headquarters of the fleet …
– Wow!

Highly soared. Well, you’ve always been a hammer, not what I and my
sivymi paws – he held out his hands dirty.

– Well, the female part?
– All Oh, Kay!

Look, I have here is one frame: cook in tow. A female peach.

And in the ass! Feed carrier. A fucking so that tug swinging.

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