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Julia collapsed in the big chair.
– Do you love me, then? – Oh, really: strong!

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Julia! – I was cut suddenly speechless. – I’m here on duty seven days. Exactly one week.

During this time I never will not depart more than a hundred meters. I love you, Julia!

And ready for you any hardship. Become a minute ago pear for your shoes – the highest joy for me since the time of our first chance meeting: – How to find the address? – Chicherina interrupted me. – Track machine from a nightclub. – Artful! .. Say, all for me? – She waited a moment, looking into my eyes.

The answer to them read only one – yes. – Kiss my boots.
I just rushed Yulin fulfill orders.

I kissed, licked, swallowed shoes, hit me in the ass. Naked girl chat.

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