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Nina Nadia gave a stern look and again turned to Joan:

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– And what were you told about the “more than once”?
– Nothing, – Jeanne muttered again and buried her in her mother’s shoulder.

She stopped crying and now only sniffled.
– Jeanne, if you still do something outside the home, you should tell us about it – Nina demanded.

– However, Jeanne kolis you’re there yet done? – Supported the mother Misha.
– Nothing is done, – said Jeanne capriciously – just ….

Just Valery, …., He …
– What other Valery? – In the voice of Nina were hysterical.

– Dance teacher? – Mike croaked.
He knew Valery Sergeyevich.

Misha himself for a year now, since transferred to this school, was engaged in his circle dances. There also identified and Jeanne, as soon as she entered the school …. Live call girl chat.

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