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She sprinkled with water and brought to life.
– Okay, -Enough today – said Yura and gave me deneg., next time to continue.

I took my mother home naked. All night my mother cried out in pain and humiliation.

After 2 days, I was approached by one of the Jura Zaur- 19 year old Caucasian boy.
– Jura told me how they trahali- your mom she’s a good shlyuha.Ya want to meet her for the money – he told me.

– Well, I said.
In the evening, I had to lead my mother on a date with Zaur.

I met my mother at work.
– Today you have a date with a Caucasian young man, you have to prepare, ‘I said to her.

I took my mother to the park and started into the bushes.
– Take off stockings, panties and a bra under her dress you have to be naked – I ordered the mother. Lesbian live chat.

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