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Wreath turned out very nice. Large red buds that rose on the wreath, making it look like a flower crown.

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“It will be a beautiful crown in Hercules – the boy thought with satisfaction. – In the meantime, I had Ponos. ”
He set it on the head and felt a little cool colors.
Insert and slightly stooped, picked up a large pitcher and slowly went into the woods.

Legs slowly trailed. Somehow absolutely no longer wanted to go for the water timber.

Somewhere breeze blew, and a light-blue sky appeared light white clouds. The leaves on the trees rustled gently and whispered.

Something unsettling and stressful hung in the air. It seemed as if the forest itself is trying something to say to him, warn about something.

Hylas went, still thinking of something else and absently looking around. Fuckchat site.

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