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– Well, where is your nurse? – Asked ona.-got up already?

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– Yes, I replied, -zhdet in the room.
Nadia (Jura sister) went into the room.

– I have to prepare it, she said.
-Poshli Into the bedroom, she -prikazala mother.

They went into the bedroom, and I began to listen and watch through the crack half-open door.
– You will now fuck some young guys that your son suit.

You’ll be naked in front of them. They will do to your body all you want, do you agree?

She asked her mother.
– Yes, his head bowed she said.

– Well, ‘said Nadia – then dress nightgown over his naked body, so that nothing under it not bylo.Na feet tapochki.I go.
I saw my mother in front of Nadia took off her robe, bra and panties and pulled out of the closet nightie, wore it on the bare telo.Nadya pulled out a dog collar and leash.

– Head Bend, dress – she ordered mame.- like a bitch go on a leash. Chatsex rom.

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