Chatabute. Hey, sit down! Have you?

At public expense.
– Thank U. – Her old friend Eugene sat her at a table and ordered some salad.

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– Zhenya, do you know ALISIN other disheveled curly brown-haired, perhaps the writer?
– What?

– Why, yesterday I met an old boyfriend here and he told me this. – JUlechka briefly told the story that happened with Maxim and his thoughts on the matter.
– Well, well! – And only managed to say Shocked Eugene. – You know, I understand your desire to talk to Brown, in other words Lesha.

He helped Alice to write a book and it was a good friend. I think she was crazy about him, and he treated her well.

– Did she write a book? And why she did not tell me about this Lёshu?

– Jealousy, my dear, jealousy. Knowing about your um … propensity to men, she did not want to introduce it to you. Chatabute.


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