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After the girls stopped to shake, and sat down, they hugged and kissed on the lips.

Then they heard a commendable claps his hands Sam:

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-Super Girls. Extraordinary.

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Smiling Light and Lena turned to sitting on the couch.

And Sam continued:
-Now I think you should meet my “boyfriend”. I hope you enjoy it.

With these words, Sam stood up from the couch and dropped shorts.
-Oh! – Escaped from Lena, who covered her mouth in surprise palm.

-Wow! Wow! How lovely. – Amy’s eyes sparkled with lights.

This reaction was understandable. Manhood Sam was not that impressive, it was huge.

Not fully embarked and hang from side to side, was a member of the forty-five inches long and eight inches thick. Eggs were the size of a girl’s fists. Webcam chat cam2cam.

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