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Her face was some sort of strange, it was something that unlike the usual girlish face. Such cling you at first sight.

Do you think that in them is this? Like not thin, not very nice, but you can not take your eyes and just want to look at it and see.

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You do not understand that you as it was hooked, but you will love her for this oddity for this difference from the other cute, monotonous dolls. Alain was just a girl.

She was somewhere in the fourth the size of breasts and a beautiful ass. Ira introduced us to her and we went to the kitchen.

Lelik brought with wine, we poured and drank. The wine was nice and soft blows to the head.

– And let’s play cards on the strip! – Ira suggested.
– And let’s not any of these arrivals! Pornechat.


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