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– Lucky you! – Said Lyoshka and invited his friend to drink, trying to sound natural. He did not give up without feeling dirty trick.

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Lyoshka departed to the bar in the back of the room, took Maxim beer from the fridge, poured back pills and gave Maxim, pulling himself another bank. Oddly enough, he did not confused.

A few minutes later Maxim went limp, lay down comfortably on the couch and slept the sleep of the just. Lyoshka not turned off the TV.

The way was clear.
He closed the doors.

His heart was beating hard when he went into her bedroom. JUlechka was still asleep, or so it seemed.

The room was dimly lit glow of the setting sun. Lesch looked at JUlechka.

He took off everything except the stretch pant with copulating in different poses skeletons, carefully pulled back the covers and some time stared at her. Nudeteenchat.


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