Livedesisexchat. Stranger in the same orange jumpsuit with a travel bag on his shoulder, impatiently waiting for him, sitting on the bench.

-good Evening! – She greeted. -We Have not met. Helen – she reached her tender, delicate hand.

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-Yury – Imagine the embarrassment and took quite a heavy bag, walked briskly along a winding path leading to the lake.

You can slow down a little: I do not have time. – Vzmolilasi Helen, when they passed a good half way.
He slowed down a little.

His thoughts went back to Svetlana, but suddenly arisen obstacle in front of him, brought him back to reality. Pathway rested against the half-meter cliff, which he overcame without much difficulty.

But for Helen, this barrier is a problem. After watching for a moment, as she unsuccessfully tries to climb the steep wall with a smile on his face, Yuri held out her hand. Livedesisexchat.


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